You’re invited!

Dear FilmAcres Family,

Please join us in previewing Swan Song in Chicago. Location, date, and time information is outlined below. At the preview you will have the chance to provide feedback and sit in on an intimate Q&A with Dorothy and me.

It has been a joy working on this production and now it is time to collect the thoughts of our viewers. Your feedback is a crucial element to the editing and refining process. Bring your family and friends, enjoy an evening in the City, and tell us what you think!

Thank you again for your amazing support. We are truly The Town that Made a Movie.

John Hancock

Wednesday, February 19th @ 6pm

Pickwick Theatre
5 South Prospect Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Please send your RSVP to

Damaged Car needed!

Dear FilmAcres Family,

We’re looking for a vehicle to be used all day July 19 for a scene involving a car accident. The damage, as seen in the film, will be visible from the driver’s side, so the more banged up the vehicle, the better (damaged driver-side fender, door, rear door, etc.). We are not concerned about the vehicle’s make, model or color, nor will it sustain any additional damage during filming. The vehicle’s owner is invited to hang out on the set during filming.

Got a car that fits the bill? Call Production Manager Kevin McGrail at FilmAcres at (219) 778-2511 or email

John Hancock

Donations Needed!

Dear FilmAcres Family,

We need snacks for people to eat while on our long set days. A donation of any amount, particularly homemade, would be greatly appreciated.

The following donations are requested:
– Baked Goods (Pies, Cupcakes, Cookies, etc)
– Fruit and Veggies
– Granola Bars, Breakfast Bars
– Chips, Trailmix, Crackers
– Energy Drinks/Gatorade
– Bagels and Donuts
– Bottled Water
– Coffee (Ground preferred) and Tea

Anything you can contribute now and throughout the shoot, we will use. Please bring all donations to FilmAcres at 209 S. Prairie St. in Rolling Prairie.


John Hancock

Housing Needed

Help us get the word out!

Over the past several months, we’ve been vigorously pursuing housing options for our film’s crew. We’ve spoken with representatives from local hotels, bed and breakfasts and people we know with properties in the area. We have met with some success, but our crew, it turns out, is bigger than anticipated. Some will arrive in just 10 days.

That’s why we are turning to you, “The Town That Made a Movie,” for help. Anyone who knows of, or has, available property, or even just a few extra bedrooms, can contact Production Manager Kevin McGrail at FilmAcres at (219) 778-2511 or email

We greatly appreciate it!

Production Manager
Kevin McGrail

Wardrobe Department Needs

We’re always in need of this, that and the other. Thanks in advance for any support. Our wardrobe department is currently looking for the following items:

Tagging gun and the plastic fasteners of different lengths
Paper tags of different sizes: from 1″ square(ish) to 2″x3″(ish), or any sizes
Colored thread – partial spools are great
Needles, pins and other sewing supplies
A roll of brown kraft paper – any weight – partial rolls are fine