Grace and John take a break during singing rehearsals.

Lead actor Grace Tarnow and director John Hancock take a break during singing rehearsals.

At age 73, LaPorte resident and academy award nominated director John Hancock has decided to make another movie–one that he hopes will round out his legacy. John’s production company, Filmacres, has rallied the surrounding community to support the project we lovingly call “The Town That Made a Movie”.


The Story: After losing her mother, 13-year-old Julie comes to La Porte County, Indiana to live with her grandmother, Karen. Karen, a former star of stage and screen, wants desperately to connect with her granddaughter in a meaningful way and share her history. But the two of them—each stubborn in her own way—butt heads at every turn. Soon, Karen makes a remarkable discovery: Julie’s powerful, unique singing voice. Will the sudden discovery of Julie’s talent be enough to bring the two together and allow Karen to pass on her legacy?

John will direct the film and his wife Dorothy has written the screenplay. Their team will draw from a wide range of local talent for acting, locations, production and promotional efforts. We welcome you to join The Family.

Music is very important to John and the FilmAcres family is excited to have award-winning composer David Del Tredici on board to score the film.

The screenplay includes a sequence that highlights its star at a stage performance of Alice in Wonderland. Irina Tsikurishvili from Synetic Theater will be directing the choreography for this showcase piece.

Although John will be directing the movie, this will ultimately be our film—made by and for the people of our community.

Explore this website to learn how you can contribute to making “The Town that Made a Movie” into something truly special.

John meets with enthusiastic supporters.

John meets with enthusiastic supporters.